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ZENITH India presents a range of low-cost autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory Bioreactors and Fermentors designed for performance and ease of use.

Using the latest in 16 bit microprocessor technology we offer fermentors and bioreactors that use multi-loop process control techniques to maximize yields in cell-culture and fermentation. At the heart of our fermentors and bioreactors lies 16 bit microcontrollers from Microchip Technology Inc, USA. On board electronics and sensors are sourced from reputed and reliable manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Allegro Micro, National Semi, etc. to give a controller system for these fermentors and bioreactors that works effectively and is extremely reliable.

BioFERMA autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory fermentors and bioreactors are controlled digital PID control algorithm. The temperature control range is from room temperature plus 3C to 60C. Using optional cooling system, temperature can be controlled from 10C to 60C. It has a stirrer agitation speed range from 100 to 1000 rpm and it can be used for anaerobic micro-organism or aerobic microorganism fermentation process.

BioFERMA series is a low-cost, compact, autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory fermentors and bioreactors perfect for a range of educational, research and industrial applications.

Fermentor systems are available for microbial and cell culture:
- Microbial Culture: Bacterial, Yeast and Fungi culture.
- Cell Culture: Plant, Animal and Insect culture.
- Moving up from a tissue culture flask and shaker.
- Interchangeable culture vessels (2.5 L, 4 L, 7 L).

Dedicated microprocessor controller system that has been designed specifically for autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable laboratory bioreactor and fermentor control.

Basic unit with up to 1.5 L working and 2.5 L total volume

Price = Rs 351,500

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