Handheld UV Transilluminators

Handheld UV Transilluminators

These can be supplied with and without genuine quartz filters. Quartz filters pass fixed UV wavelength and no visible light or infra-red light to give a pure UV output. Handheld illuminators without quartz filters will have a slight bluish illumination.


These have twin high intensity UV tubes, white LEDs or Blue 470nm LEDs. Electronic high frequency ballast to give instant start and no humming. Low heat generation. Suitable for academic, research and medical applications.


UV handheld illuminator can be single wavelength or dual wavelength - 254nm or 302-312nm or 365nm.


White Light Transillumination

Suitable for general observagtion and for protein gels


Blue Light Transillumination

Suitable for observing gels stained for blue light illumination. 



Model  Application & Use Illumination   Wavelength
GEL-V-U-40-03 Protein Gels White LEDs White
GEL-V-U-40-40 View Nucleic Acid Gels LEDs 470 nm
GEL-V-U-40-05 Irradiate Gels / View TLC 2x 8W 254 nm
GEL-V-U-40-06 View Nucleic Acid Gels 2x 8W 302-312 nm
GEL-V-U-40-07 View Nucleic Acid Gels 2x 8W 360-365 nm

Irradiate +

View Nucleic  Acid Gels

1x 8W +

1x 8W

254 + 302-312 nm
GEL-V-U-40-12 View Nucleic Acid Gels

1x 8W +

1x 8W

302-312 +

360-365 nm

GEL-V-U-20-08 View Nucleic Acid Gel

1x9W +


254-255 +

302-312 nm



* Please note that 300nm, 302nm, 306nm and 312nm are in the same range of wavelengths called UV-B (also known as mid-range). Some manufacturers quote 302nm but it is the same as 312nm. Similarly, 254nm, 255nm and 256nm are the wavelengths in short-wave; 360nm and 365nm in long-wave.