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Gel.PRIME Gel Documentation System

Gel.PRIME Gel Documentation System


Featuring a 24 megapixel coloured digital camera with a super-fast autofocus lens inside a dust resistant enclosure, which can be controlled from a PC or a touchscreen. Live view images and capture times of less than a few seconds provides efficient imaging. Gel image acquisition and control software has full function control panel which allows user to adjust camera and lens settings like exposure time settings, focus and aperture (iris). Histogram display on the screen shows image saturation.


Darkroom Hood

The epoxy coated, chemical & corrosion resistant hood can be placed on top of the transilluminator. This ensures that a basic, light-tight dark room is created.



UV transillumination table is provided with a standard size of 16x16 cm. A timer is attached to the transilluminator, which auto switches off transilluminator light in case the user forgets to turn it off. Trans White & Trans Blue light tables are also available for special applications.


Filter Holder

  • Standard is manual single position filter holder


How the Gel Documentation & Imaging Analysis System works

The gel is placed on the transilluminator first. Then the hood is lowered onto the transilluminator. The hood has a camera mounted towards the top along with zoom lens and wavelength filter (nominally 590nm filter suitable for Ethidium Bromide EtBr gels is provided).

Connect the camera to the PC using the USB cable and gel capture software, to get a real-time live view image of the gel. Click your images and save them on the PC. A white light epi-illumination source is also provided, that illuminates objects from top.

With the 1D gel analysis software, you can analyse the gels.

  • Colorimetric Gel Imaging
  • Fluorescent Gel Imaging
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