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Serum Inspissator Model Inspi.S

Serum Inspissator Model Inspi.S

Designed for smaller labs, INSPI-S can inspissate up to 200 universal containers and test tubes in one load.


Built of sturdy, robust, rust-proof stainless steel sheet. Outer body and tray are made of stainless steel. Tray size: 800x500mm (31”x20”). Working area: 820x590mm (32"x23"). Outer body: 1040x600x380 mm (40”x24”x15”). Overall unloaded weight is about 30kg.


A single wire tray of stainless steel is immersed in the inspissator’s water tank such that water just touches the bottom of the tray. This tray is at same temperature as water and hence the bottles are also at equivalent temperature. The tray has a set of slopes to provide an angle of 8-10 degree to the media containers. It is removable for easy loading of bottles and cleaning.


Capacity of unit is 165 universal containers / McCartney bottles (27x85mm), 165 test tubes (16x150mm), 370 glass bijou vials (20x45mm). Loading in two layers can increase capacity to 200 bottles and containers. Blanket and quilt can be put on top of bottles, but we have designed the inspissator in such a way that, it is not really needed.


The temperature controller is microprocessor based with 16x2 backlit LED+LCD that displays actual and set temperature, along with time. The PID indicator controller is tuned automatically and regulates and displays temperature and timer automatically, so that accuracy and reproducibility of inspissation is maintained. Timer is user set-able from 0-24 hours. There is display and audio alarm when timer is up.


Temperature display is 0.1C, stability is +/- 0.2C, uniformity is +/- 0.5C at 37C. Temperature range for the controller is from 5C to 100C. Control range for the inpissator is from ambient+5C to 100C and inpissation is normally done at a working temperature of 85C. The total heat up time from 40C to 85C is under 2.5 hours and from 20C to 85C it is 3.5 hours.


The temperature controller is mounted on a bridge plate towards right of the inspissator. It has the controller unit, stirring motor, sensor, heater etc.  attached to it. This bridge plate is removable, so that it can be serviced separately and conveniently without the need for the inspissator tank.


Tank capacity is about 50 litres. Nominal filling capacity is 45 litres. A constant water level setup ensures that the heaters never run dry and water loss due to evaporation is refilled. A resettable over-temperature protection safety cut-out is also fixed to the  back of the unit for extra safety of the unit.


The controller is a composite unit of single phase, 220-240VAC, 1.4 kW heater, controller, sensor and stirrer. It is easily removable for servicing. We also provide one spare heater for emergency use in case of failure of the working heater during usage.


For user and operation safety, we provide fixed cut-out fuse and miniature circuit breaker at the back of the controller unit. Unit operating voltage is 220-240VAC (110VAC model is also available), single phase, 50/60Hz. Power consumption is 1500 W.


The above inspissator is manufactured in an ISO certified workshop.

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