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Serum Inspissator Large Capacity Model Inspi.Max

Serum Inspissator Large Capacity Model Inspi.Max

The INSPI-MAX has three trays that can load anywhere from 250 to 600 bottles during one run and has been designed for repositories and hospitals which handle large samples. 

Built of sturdy, robust rust-proof stainless steel sheet. Inside chamber, body and water bath made of stainless steel. To minimise heating loss, high efficiency glass wool insulation is provided between outer body and inner chamber. Even the door is insulated.

Inside chamber approx dimensions: 60cm x58cm x 92 cm. Outside body: 76cm x 71cm  x 135cm. With four heavy-duty lockable 360-swivel castor wheels mounted on the base with powder coated frame. 

Three stainless steel wired tray racks are provided to hold media bottles. Bottles and tubes can be placed at angle from 5-10 degree adjustable. The tray racks cover the complete capacity of the unit.

Inspissating capacity standard McCartney Universal media bottles (approx size 25mm x 80mm) is about 450 bottles in three trays with single layer of bottles in each tray. Capacity can be increased to 600 by loading more bottles in each tray in two-three layers. For test tubes (approx size 16-20mm x 125-170mm) capacity is more than 400 tubes.

Temperature settable range is from 25C to 95C. Temperature is settable by the user. Working temperature is usually 85C. Maximum temperature is 95C. Accuracy of inner temperature deviation is better than +/- 0.5 C. Least count of controller is 1 C. Sensor used is Pt100.

The PID temperature controller indicator is microprocessor based with 16x2 backlit LED+LCD displays actual and set temperature, along with time. The PID indicator controller is tuned automatically and regulates and displays temperature and timer automatically. Timer is user set-able from 0-24 hours. There is display and audio alarm when timer is up.

For safety purpose, there is an optional water level sensor that automatically immediately shuts off heater and gives an audio and visual alarm when water level falls. An over-temperature device is attached to the unit that gives an audio and visual display alarm when the temperature crosses 95C.

Two water heaters: 1500 W each (total 3000 W) running at 220VAC, 50Hz. Two spare heaters are additionally provided for emergency use in case of failure of one of the working heaters.

With each inspissator, a set of tools, spares, wires, instruction manual etc are provided.

The above inspissator is manufactured in an ISO certified facility.

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